Q/A: is chanting and praying for others effective?

Q: Can one chant and pray for others?

A: Why do you want to do that?

Q: I am just curious. I know one devotee who chants one round every day for another person.

A: Ok.

Q: But do you think such chanting is effective?

A: Depends on what effect you have in mind.

Q: This person is chanting so the other person can get cured from Covid.

A: It will not be effective.

Q: Why?

A: Everyone has to live their karma. You think Bhagavān is going to interfere with someone’s situation because you want Him to?

Q: But Bhagavān will do what a devotee wishes.

A: The person who wants Bhagavān to do things for him is not a devotee. A devotee does not ask Bhagavān for anything.

Q: Not even for others?

A: Not even for others. When you request Bhagavān to do something for others – like curing someone’s Covid, you assume a) that Bhagavān does not know that person has Covid, and b) that the person got Covid unfairly. Both assumptions are wrong.

Q: There is no use of praying for others?

A: It is futile. If you must pray, pray for yourself. And not for health and money, but for bhakti.

Q: No use of chanting also?

A: If you chant for any reason other than pleasing Bhagavān, you are misusing the name. How is Bhagavān pleased when you ask that someone be cured of Covid?

Q: The person with Covid is also a devotee.

A: If that a person is a genuine devotee, does Bhagavān not know about their sickness? Are you suggesting that Bhagavān does not care about the devotee? You are more compassionate and special than Bhagavān that you must instruct Him to do something or not do something?

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  1. Radhe Radhe.
    What do you think about Srila Haridas Thakur Chanting out loud for the benefit of all living entities? As shown in Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat.


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