Bābājīs, Sahajiyās and Apasampradāyas

Ever since I started refuting the inherent bhaktivādīs, there have been a number of abusive comments from clowns who support inherent bhaktivāda, particularly critizing Babaji, Maharajji, and our paramparā. I delete them of course. These people have mental illness which needs medical attention, and I feel sorry for them. When will these people get it in their heads that the only way to get a response from me is if they quote scriptural writings of the Goswamis. This site is not a place to announce your fidelity to individuals. It is a place to discuss scripture.

I mostly find these comments amusing, but sometimes there is an opportunity to set the record straight. Here, I reproduce an article written by Babaji a long time ago on jiva.org. He explains the origin of dormant prema among many other points. Happy reading!

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