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half moon at nighttime

Chandrayaan-3: acceptance and denial

I have been flooded with congratulatory messages about the success of India’s chandrayaan-3 mission, whose goal was to soft-land a lander on the moon. The mission was a resounding success, achieving a soft landing on the lunar south pole on 23rd August, 2023. This is undoubtedly a crowning […]

The qualification to hear rāsa-līlā

Chapters 29-33 of the Bhāgavatam describe the rāsa-līlā of Bhagavān and the gopīs. Some claim that sādhakas should not hear these chapters till they have freed themselves from material desires, as otherwise, hearing the rāsa-līlā can further inflame their material desires. However, these claims do not find support […]

Twenty nine characteristics of bhakti

From Śrī Babaji’s commentary on Anuchheda 153 of the Bhakti Sandarbha — In Anuccheda 121, Śrī Jīva Gosvāmī concluded the investigation into the means of ultimate attainment, establishing bhakti as the abhidheya for all human beings. He then began to specify the primary characteristics of bhakti , which […]

Aparādhas in deity worship

Aparādhas or offenses are the only obstacles that prevent sādhakas from attaining the fruit of bhakti. There are sevā-aparādhas and nāma-aparādhas. I have presented nāma-aparādhas elsewhere. Here, I examine sevā-aparādhas. In the Bhakti Sandarbha Anuchheda 300, Śrī Jīva Goswami writes: tathāsmin pāda-sevārcana-mārge,yānair vā pādukair vāpi gamanaṁ bhagavad-gṛhe ity-ādinā āgamoktā […]

The meaning of the word ‘acintya’

I have previously stated in articles on this site that acintya means śāstraika-gamyam – knowable only through śāstra. śāstra states that there is neither bheda nor abheda between Bhagavān and His śaktis. As such, there is no option but to accept acintya bheda-abheda, even though bheda and abheda […]

The Sarva-samvādinī commentary on svābhāvika bheda-abheda-vāda

Reader Sridhar requested a translation of Śrī Jīva Goswami’s Sarva-samvādinī commentary on svābhāvika bheda-abheda-vāda, along with a translation of the late Śrī Ānanda Gopāla Vedānta-tirtha’s commentary on the Sarva-samvādinī. I present the translations below. Before this section, Śrī Jīva Goswami has refuted aupcārika bheda-abheda-vāda. Now he refutes svābhāvika […]