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This site appears to be rapidly growing in popularity or notoriety- I am not sure which one. I get many comments and questions. The best questions are those that I have no answer for, and this has compelled me to learn more and more. I also get many unsavory comments which appear to be increasing in frequency. So I feel compelled to write this.

Think of this site as a part of my house- my living room for example. When you try to post comments, you are in my house. If you are going to be dis-respectful, I am going to show you out. Just as you would anyone who dis-respects you in your own home. There is no compromise possible! I do not care how great of a bhakta you think you are or what organization you are from.

I also want to inform readers that bhaktitattva.com is not my occupation. I am a very busy man! *Do not* copy-paste whole pages from books in your challenges and then expect me to wade through them and guess what your point is. Present *short* challenges – make it clear what your point is – justify it – don’t just copy-paste verses or translations. I have no patience for copy-paste bhaktas. Also, while you are at it- be aware of where you are in terms of your own level of understanding. There is no point in trying to get me to confirm what you believe. I am not going to change my views which I have learned through years of training from my guru. Try and learn from this site if you can, and if the content is too much to take, just go to the thousands of sites that can readily confirm what you need confirmed.

Also, remember that I am not your guru/teacher. If you have questions about sadhana etc., and you have a guru, go ask him or her. That is the guru’s job, not mine. If you ask me questions, be prepared that the answers may not be feel-good and warm and fuzzy. The Goswamis’ theology is not changeable by you or me or anyone else. It is what it is. Take it or leave it.

Bhaktitattva.com was started really as a diary – I wrote the posts here to get my conceptual framework clear in my own head. This site is first and foremost for my own pleasure. I could have done this on my laptop, but I put it online to also make the fruits of my labor available to other bhaktas from the Gadadhara parivara. Along the way, the site has become a resource for many who wish to learn the foundational truths of the Caitanya sampradaya, straight from the horses’ mouth, so to speak, i.e. from the Goswamis.

If you do not like what I write here because it challenges your beliefs, grow up and deal with it. If you feel like throwing a temper tantrum, I can smell that a mile away, and I will be sure to shut you down. Adults need to behave like adults, not little 8-year olds. This is a site for mature adults who can think critically and who are decent people.

This is your annual reminder that I am not here to fulfill your emotional needs or to confirm your biases. Be sure to read the rules for posting comments on this blog – https://bhaktitattva.com/2019/01/13/rules-for-posting-comments-on-this-blog/

– By order

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